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Abgeschickt von Robert St-Jean am 22 August, 2005 um 20:38:15

Antwort auf: Re: These plants are not necessarily artificially propagated von Michael Weinert am 20 August, 2005 um 11:12:17:

Hi Michael,

I saw your reply to Carl on the subject of soures of Cyp's from Canada. I think there has to be a delicate balance between suggesting people buy from a 'safe supplier' such as listed on your web page compare to others like myself not listed. At the same time I agree 100 per cent with you that people should be careful before ordering from a nursery that seems to offer really difficult species in rather unusual quantities.

I only offer deflasked seedlings of Cyp. reginae, and some Cyp. parviflorum var. pubescens on more rare occasions. For me this species requires different trials of bleaching times before seeds will germinate and the optimum bleaching time varies every year from seed pods from the same parent plants. Recently I've been able to raise Cyp. guttatum from seed as easily as Cyp. reginae. Perhaps in the near future I will offer some of these also.

So far there are no Canadian sources listed on your web page. Perhaps there might exists one or two reputable and honest sources from Canada worth listing there. How could someone like myself prove to be honest and reputable? I raise only my own plants grown from seed in flask. My adult cyps that I use to raise seeds to grow my seedlings were originally bought from Bill Steele of Spangle Creek Labs. I offer only a limited supply of plants and what I offer is good quality. I only sell the strongest seedlings. I do this because I am passionate about raising and growing Cyp's and I am always happy to provide some seedlings to others that are as passionate as I am. As well, I sell artificially raised Cyp's to help reduce the pressure from demand for wild Cyp's.

Best wishes,

Robert St-Jean
The Cypripedium Garden


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