Re: These plants are not necessarily artificially propagated

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Abgeschickt von Michael Weinert am 20 August, 2005 um 11:12:17

Antwort auf: Re: Buying Propogated Cyps in Canada von Bryan Balmer am 19 August, 2005 um 05:59:55:

Hi Carl,

When checking these offers please keep in mind that not all plants on the market are really artificially propagated despite the statements of the dealers. Even a CITES certificate is not necessarily the proof for real artificial propagation. I would be reluctant if a nursery offers a long species list with only adult plants, especially when difficult species like Cyp. palangshanense, Cyp. lichiangense and others are included. I don't know anybody who is capable of raising these two species from seed to maturity in higher quantities or cultivating them so well that divisions could be given away. If I am wrong please let me know, I would be very happy!

Please see the posting "Sources of artificially propagated Cyps" if you want to be on the safe side.



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