Re: Buying Propogated Cyps in Canada

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Abgeschickt von Bryan Balmer am 19 August, 2005 um 05:59:55

Antwort auf: Buying Propogated Cyps in Canada von Carl Austin am 18 August, 2005 um 22:46:31:

Hi Carl,

Sources in Canada that I am aware of are as follows:

1. Fraser's Thimble Farms - on Saltspring Island, British Columbia (

2. Ya li's Hardy Orchids - in Quebec (

3. The Cypripedium Garden - in Quebec (

4. H.E.R. Ladyslippers Inc. - in Saskatchewan (

I have only ordered from Fraser's Thimble Farms, but I'm sure that quality plants are available from all of the above. Fraser's and Ya li's have the best selection. The Cyp Garden and H.E.R. seem to carry only N.A. native species. (H.E.R. only Cyp parviflorum var pubescens).

Good shopping!

Bryan Balmer
Vancouver, BC


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