Buying Propogated Cyps in Canada

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Abgeschickt von Carl Austin am 18 August, 2005 um 22:46:31

In a contribution in 2003 regarding the advisibility of importing some Cyps from China, a gentleman named Greg Warner stated that there are several places in Canada to legally buy Cyp species including some Chinese ones. I would be very interested in finding out who/where these places are if anyone knows.

I have been growing Cyp. pubescens for more than 30 years; Cyp. passerinum for about 15 years; Cyp. montanum and alaskanum for 5 or 6 years.

I would love to get more species and hybrids if I could do so legally. If I have to import artificially propogated species, I will do that but I prefer to avoid the hassle with inspections and going through customs and CITES if I can. Can anyone help?

This forum is a treasure.

Carl Austin


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