Re: Macranthos - red spectrum stability

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Abgeschickt von Darcy Gunnlaugson am 05 Juli, 2000 um 06:02:57

Antwort auf: Re: Macranthos - red spectrum stability von Einar Myrholt am 02 Juli, 2000 um 15:20:53:

: Hi Darcy :)
: I have not seen any signs in my Cyp. macranthos that aging weakens the red colouring.

Hi Einar;

I appologize if I was not clear as I was actually suggesting the opposite...that age (over time as in years) produces a movement from light pink (as in taiwananum)into darker coloration. That being said, your later suggestion of unstable pH being a possible factor, is quite likely the case here. I grow in very acidic soils, but, they are also soils which are not nearly as impoverished (silica sand/mineral based) or humous free, as what has been discussed by other members in the forum. However, I have had reasonably good success using the natural ingredients available here, so I continue with what works. Others in the forum have testified to a wide range of mediums and methods for success with this genus, so mediums vary...and my case they also apparently shift their pH.

Thanks for this suggestion. I will try to slowly reverse the pH in the bed in question and see if I can return the plants to a lighter pink ;-))