Re: How many years do the Cyp. flavum flower?

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Abgeschickt von Ron Burch am 21 Juli, 2005 um 23:41:52

Antwort auf: How many years do the Cyp. flavum flower? von Ning Yan am 21 Juli, 2005 um 03:50:34:

I have Cyp. flavum seedlings out of flask for their first season. I found them to grow extremely slowly compared to Cyp. reginae, kentuckiense and pubescens seedlings around them that grow very quickly. I have noted that during two very hot (95 F each day for several days) and humid (humidity > 75 %) periods, all of the Cyp. flavum seedlings shot up more than 1 cm each time. Indeed, I could readily detect the growth even when observing them at intervals of several hours. The second hot and humid spell was several weeks after the first, and while the seedlings looked very healthy, they did not grow. Now, after the second hot period, they are approaching the size of the Cyp. reginae seedlings. I am not aware from my reading that the native conditions of Cyp. flavum are so hot and humid. Like you, I would be interested in seeing the comments of our experienced colleagues. (The more usual conditions are 70 - 75 F and 60 - 70 % relative humidity during the day). The American species seedlings have grown profusely in each of the conditions.

Ron Burch
Wilton CT, USA


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