Re: A yellow form of Cyp. tibeticum

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Abgeschickt von Ning Yan am 21 Juli, 2005 um 03:29:35

Antwort auf: A yellow form of Cyp. tibeticum von Rüdiger Kohlmüller am 04 Juni, 2005 um 06:59:41:

I am a student in Kunming Institute of Botany in Yunnan. I am interested in the genus of Cypripedium. From 1998 to now, we (my colleague and I) often go to Zhongdian to observe the Cyps. But I didn't see this yellow form of Cyp. tibeticum.

I want ask you some questions. Could you tell me which site you saw it in Zhongdian? How many ramet has this plant? Do you think it is natural hybrid or it is mutant? Thank you very much.


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