Re: Macranthos - red spectrum stability

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Abgeschickt von Einar Myrholt am 02 Juli, 2000 um 15:20:53

Antwort auf: Macranthos - red spectrum stability von Darcy Gunnlaugson am 26 Mai, 2000 um 19:03:19:

Hi Darcy :)
I have not seen any signs in my Cyp. macranthos that aging weakens the red colouring. My plants are however better coloured in full shade than in full sun. Weather conditions are also important as high rainfall soon causes discolouring of the flowers.

I grow my plants in a "mineral" type of compost which keeps my plants in a rather stabile medium. A humus type compost will change soil conditions and structure for plants over a few years and gradually reduce the pH of the medium. A stabile pH will contribute to keeping the colours as they should be. I have seen in other plants how pH will affect the colouring of a plant. So, my advice is,- make sure you have stabilized the pH of your soil :)

All the best to all of you