Re: A yellow form of Cyp. tibeticum

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Abgeschickt von Lukas Hunziker am 13 Juni, 2005 um 11:12:05

Antwort auf: A yellow form of Cyp. tibeticum von Rüdiger Kohlmüller am 04 Juni, 2005 um 06:59:41:

Dear Rüdiger,

Thank you very much for your pictures of the natural habitats of Cypripedium in China. It is very interesting to see them on photos growing in the wild. Especially this yellow form of Cypripedium tibeticum looks very interesting. Was ever seed of this plant harvested to protect it from extinction? If you were  right and it were the only plant, then it would be OK to harvest a seed capsule for propagation, because like you said the lokal wood workers don't care about the plant. But there surely is a little possibility that it is then really yellow. It should been made a self pollination try to have a better possibility of a yellow offspring.

And the last question, how many shoots has the plant?

All the best



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