Cyp. pubescens forma planipetalum in the Rocky Mountains?

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Abgeschickt von Rüdiger Kohlmüller am 04 Juni, 2005 um 07:04:48

On a journey in 2003 in the Canadian Rocky mountains I found a group of Cypripedium plants of "pubescens" like appearance which I could not exactly determine. The plants were growing near Jasper in the vicinity of the Maligne Canyon. It was a group of about 5 plants at the roadside ca. 300m above the parking lot of the canyon. In the nearby region I could not find any other Cypripediums species. The next population of Cyp. pubescens which I found was at the Mt. Robson which is quite far away from Jasper. The Jasper plants were totally different from all Cyp. pubescens which I found at several places in the Rockies. The week before I had been in Ontario and there I saw thousands of Cyp. pubescens but even there I did not found a single plant which was comparable to these. The plants mostly remind me to the so called forma planipetalum which as far as I known grows only in Eastern Canada. Unfortunatley I haven't seen planipetalum yet, so I want to take the opportunity to ask here in the forum for some opinions about these plants.

For comparison the first picture shows a typical Cyp. pubescens from the Rockies.

The next pictures show a flower of the "planipetalum" like plant from Jasper. I have put a Leatherman knife with a cm scale next to the plant to get an impression of the very small size of the plant. Sorry that the picture is not very good but it was difficult to take the picture while holding the knife :-). From the picture you can see that the plant size is about 14 cm while the length of th lip is about 1.5 cm. A typical pubescens is much larger.


Is there any possibility that the forma planipetalum can also be found in the Rocky Mountains?


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