A yellow form of Cyp. tibeticum

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Abgeschickt von Rüdiger Kohlmüller am 04 Juni, 2005 um 06:59:41

I had the opportunity to visit Yunnan in 2000 and 2001. In Yunnan you can find a wide spread variety Cyp. tibeticum forms. The appearance of Cyp. tibeticum can change within a few kilometers. In the region of Zhongdhian a beautiful yellow grounded, very dark form of Cyp. tibeticum can be found.

On the first tour in 2000 we found in the region of Zhongdhian an Cyp. tibeticum of the yellow grounded type without any red colouration, so the colour of the flower was a bright yellow. The lip of the plant was slightly bumped.


In the next year we found the same plant, but unfortunately some wood workers had put cutted branches on the plant so it was more damaged than the year before. As far as I know it is the only yellow form of Cyp. tibeticum.


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