Re: Brown marks on the leaves

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Abgeschickt von Michael Vaughn am 07 Mai, 2005 um 05:25:12

Antwort auf: Brown marks on the leaves von Sylvain Burgaud am 06 Mai, 2005 um 14:19:40:

It is a bad sign, but I don't think this is a bacterial infection. At least not yet. This is a similar problem I've had before as well and seems to result from a nutrient deficiency, or so I'm told. The leaf tip will die back some more most likely, but as long as you fertilize the plant a bit and treat it well the plant should not die. The first year a Cyp is grown by a new grower seems to be the toughest on it. Many things are done to stress it. It is removed from its soil, planted in a new soil, and the level of nutrients it receives are drastically changed. After the plant has adapted to its new conditions it usually does a lot better, but it is necessary to have a strong plant to begin with otherwise the survival rate is low. I have a kentuckiense that had many roots and a fat bud when I bought it and now it is growing strongly and will flower. Conversely I bought a parviflorum with less of a root system and it is still struggling to adapt.

So at this point just act normally. Don't panic and do anything drastic. Fertilize normally, water normally, and try to keep your reginae happy while it gets used to its new home. Eventually the dieback should slow down and stop at some point and next year if all goes well you shouldn't see any problems. However if this turns into an infection and spreads to the stem then cut off infected parts, but cutting off leaves now will just reduce the plants energy and the dieback will continue from the wound. So again, act normaly for now and don't use any scissors or chemicals on your Cyp.



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