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Abgeschickt von Tom Velardi am 06 Mai, 2005 um 01:04:32

Antwort auf: Re: Consider von Winkle Kwan am 05 Mai, 2005 um 20:05:27:


Here's another consideration. I don't like the description of "wet" compost. Cyps are most vunerable to rot when they are emerging and the growing tissue is actively reproducing new cells. However, the fact that your plant managed to live and try again the next year makes me wonder if an internal infection is to blame.

If you want to know what good stock looks like, it is simple. The roots should be white to bright yellow in color, and in this species (also Cyp. japonicum, Cyp. guttatum, and Cyp. yatabeanum) there should be a significant section of rhizome showing. New growth buds can be separted from old ones by several inches of rhizome and therefore it's a good idea to have as many of these as possible on a division. If the roots or rhizome show blackening or if the root tips are black (and/or cut), it is not a healthy division.

Good luck with your next plants.

Tom Velardi


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