Re: What went wrong on my formosanum experience?

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Abgeschickt von Michael Vaughn am 04 Mai, 2005 um 04:46:06

Antwort auf: Re: What went wrong on my formosanum experience? von Winkle Kwan am 03 Mai, 2005 um 18:49:05:

Good luck with your new formosanum. I was hoping to try it again this year, but I missed the spring deadline for Cyp shipments on that species. I'm trying japonicum, but I've heard it has a reputation for being difficult. Mine is thus far healthy aside from the severe nutrient deficiency and leaf tip dieback. I'm hoping that the addition of some native woodland loam and some slow release fertilizer corrects the chlorosis and stops the dieback.

And as for the Phrags, wait until legal Phrag. kovachii/peruvianum (pick your favorite latin suffix since it is highly debatable at this point) hits the market. Think kentuckiense on steriods with a bright pink paintjob. Unfortunately it will probably be a decade before they are available.


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