Re: What went wrong on my formosanum experience?

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Abgeschickt von Michael Vaughn am 03 Mai, 2005 um 04:35:34

Antwort auf: Re: What went wrong on my formosanum experience? von Paul Perakos am 02 Mai, 2005 um 21:38:53:

I've dealt with Fraser's Thimble Farms (FTF) before and have had mixed results. I can't say I fully trust them to supply strong plants and I've sent some well mannered complaints to them about their stock before and got back similar replies as you've had when I mentioned my disatisfaction. Basically, "Oh that's too bad, well maybe it will live off of the rhizome, but that's on you". I ordered a single formosanum years ago and it did the same bacterial rot thing as yours. The double formosanum I ordered a couple years after that was of much better quality and its failure was my fault that time.

FTF for me is always a shot in the dark. Sometimes I get healthy blooming size plants from them as I had happen with the double formasanum and henryi I purchased, and other times I've gotten seedling sized plants as happened with a reginae and a parviflorum that looked very suspiciously like a 'Gisela'. I still order from them occasionally since they are the only ones who offer some of the more unusual cyps and other plants, but I have gotten the mentality that I will be paying a high price for things I will have to nurse into health over a couple of seasons. My opinions are my own, but I saw some other posts in a garden forum that had a similar mentality.

P.S. FTF says that need a social security number for U.S. orders to clear customs. Anyone care to comment on the validity of this? Planteck is also out of Canada and they don't ask for it in their cross-border shipments.


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