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Abgeschickt von Michael Vaughn am 26 April, 2005 um 04:02:52

Antwort auf: Cypripedium acaule von Joseph Gadbois am 25 April, 2005 um 19:53:57:

Yes you definately want to water with distilled, RO, or rain water. If you have an RO unit that's perfect, but most people don't. I use distilled water since it is reliable and relatively inexpensive. Rainwater can work, but you must be careful how you collect it. For instance, rain water flowing over roofing tiles can pick up chemicals that may be harmful to acaule if used constantly over time.

For the vinegar mix I use it every watering, but as long as your mix is naturally low in pH watering with the vinegar mixture each time isn't absolutely necessary. But it's good to get into the habit of watering with the vinegar solution and the plants stay happiest that way. One or two ounces per gallon of water is enough (1 gallon = 128 ounces, so 1 to 2/128, which equals 0.8% or 1.5% respectively). More won't kill the plants, but you may see some nutrient deficiencies.

Good luck and happy growing,



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