Re: New Cypripedium species?

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Abgeschickt von Gerhard Raschun am 21 April, 2005 um 22:45:53

Antwort auf: New Cypripedium species? Part 2 von Gerhard Raschun am 19 April, 2005 um 20:19:45:

Many thanks for the interest and messages to my private adress.I don`t agree with the opinion of some growers who mean that it is a red form of Cyp. tibeticum.

Below  is a picture of seedlings of Cypr. tibeticum in flask. Sorry for the poor condition, but at this moment the best seedlings are in soil and it is very difficult to raise Cyp. tibeticum without problems of phenol. Typical are only one shoot and the few roots on the surface of the medium. Seedlings of Cyp. 'new species' have many shoots and a lot of roots deep in the medium (please compare the picture in the first posting).


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