Re:Question on Kinetin - thank you, and C. reginae

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Abgeschickt von Robert St-Jean am 20 Juni, 2000 um 21:37:34

Antwort auf: Re: Question on Kinetin von Bill Steele am 20 Juni, 2000 um 06:00:24:

I cannot thank you enough, Bill and Peter for your help. I will leave out the kinetin and use it for the mature seed only.

Bill I am so pleased with your reginae seedlings. They bloomed for the first time 4 years out of flask and are strong plants indeed. They are doing well in the colder climate of Gatineau Quebec. It appears that these plants can acclimatise well to colder climates. So it does not appear to matter much if they were plants indegenous to Washington State and are now growing in a much colder climate.