Re: This plant is bound to die

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Abgeschickt von Sylvain Burgaud am 13 April, 2005 um 09:12:43

Antwort auf: Re: This plant is bound to die von Michael Weinert am 12 April, 2005 um 07:30:28:

Hello Uta and Michael,

Thank you very much for your answer. I unfortunately think you are right, this plant is bound to die but until some life persists, I will keep hope and try to save it. I am optimistic!

Of course, if I had known before the plant is like that, I wouldn't have bought it. I have contacted my supplier yesterday and she answered me very quickly and nicely: she will send me another calceolus next September, free of charge. Just a question about that: is the calceolus dormant at this period or are there still leaves?

Thank you very much again for your answer.

Best wishes,



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