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Abgeschickt von Bill Steele am 20 Juni, 2000 um 06:00:24

Antwort auf: Question on Kinetin von Robert St-Jean am 18 Juni, 2000 um 16:03:17:

I agree with Peter Corkhill that there is no need to use kinetin with immature seed. If the capsule is harvested at the right stage, there should be excellent germination on medium without kinetin, and adding kinetin to the medium may very well cause abnormal growth.

I have never tried kinetin with immature C. reginae seed, but I did make some trials with immature C. pubescens seed. With the latter, germination was excellent either on medium with kinetin or without kinetin, but the protocorms on the medium with kinetin failed to differentiate normally. Apparently immature seed has an adequate supply of exogenous cytokinin. I suspect using kinetin in Harvais' medium for immature C. reginae seed would also prevent normal differentiation in the protocorms.