Re: This plant is bound to die

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Abgeschickt von Uta von Rad am 12 April, 2005 um 10:09:20

Antwort auf: Re: This plant is bound to die von Michael Weinert am 12 April, 2005 um 07:30:28:

Dear Sylvain,

I mostly agree with Michael and if you do have the possibility to send the plant back and get the money refunded then you should. If you don't have that possibility then I would at least try to safe the rhizome. It is difficult but not completely impossible (although chances are very much like Darcy states in an earlier message similar to a person having lung cancer... 2% of those also survive!!!). So my advice would be to
-not cut any more shoots off. There is fungal infection everywhere and any open cut is a new entry for a fungus. If the shoot dies, then let it do so without cutting it off and let the plant take care of closing the wounds.
-water it a bit more than you do now: The medium on the picture looks very dry to me! But of course don't water too much... I can't state it more clearly than that. Watering has to do a lot with feeling... but a strictly inorganic medium is welldraining and so dries out faster than one wich contains organics.
-do not fertilize this shoot. It is not able to take up nutrients anymore as the cells are already dying. Nutrient uptake only occurs via healthy cells. I would also not fertilize through watering: the roots don't look too well also.
-then wait and be patient. When there are no leaves left reduce the watering but not to nothing...
-pray! ;-)

I completely agree with Michael: If you can send the plant back and get a refund you should do so!!!! The advice above is only in case you can't do that. Even if you can pull the plant through (and chances are really slim) then it will most probably be a very weak plant for the rest of its life. I once managed to pull such a calceolus through. That was 4 years ago and now the plant's shoot has the size of a thin pencil. I guess it will be another 3 years before it will flower again if it ever does. If  I had taken a healthy seedling at the same time it would probably flower earlier than that...




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