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Abgeschickt von Uta von Rad am 11 April, 2005 um 11:39:45

Antwort auf: Re: Cypripedium calceolus von Sylvain Burgaud am 10 April, 2005 um 23:41:06:

Hi Sylvain,

oh-oh... that really doesn't look very good. calceolus does like a bit (but not much!!!) water than most others but I am not sure what caused the problem in this plant. How do the roots look? Are they healthy and white or black or something in between? It is always hard to do a diagnosis via a picture but your plant is definitely unhappy. A normal healthy calceolus does not need a lot of special treatment. I grow it in a normal substrate with 80% inorganics (seramis, perlite, lava, pumice, calcarous grit....), 15% organics (leavmould, firrduff, bark...) and for calceolus about 5% loam or even better loam granules like in Acadamia loam. Location in dappeled shade and during this time of year no protection from rain (actually here in Bavaria calceolus does not need protection from rain even in winter as it grows happyly in the woods in the area. The Chinese species are a lot more sensitive to winter rain).

But for your plant: this looks like it has almost had it! From the picture I can't say if it was just to dry or if it is infected from a fungus or bacterium.... I would take it out of your substrate, wash it carefully (get rid of every thing organic) and plant it strictly inorganic (my standart rescue substrate is seramis:perlite:lava in equal parts but anything clean and inorganic (no loam no leavemould or soil or anything that can support fungal growth). Then water carefully and observe and be patient. It is possible that the plant will die, it is possible that it may loose the shoot and grow another on next year or it might even pull through now. I can't really predict that from the picture. A lot will depend on how the roots are...

Good luck!!!!!



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