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Abgeschickt von Sylvain Burgaud am 04 April, 2005 um 13:46:20

Antwort auf: Reginae Moisture von Michael Vaughn am 02 April, 2005 um 06:17:15:

Hello Michael,

Thank you for your answer. About waterings, I am not sure to understand correctly (my English is not good enough…). Do you advise me to keep my reginae damp but not wet ? About "The Genus Cypripedium" by Philip Cribb, I have already seen this books in the past years and indeed, I want to buy it. Thank you to remind it to me.

Finally about the acaule, it is effectively an attractive species with its big rose lip and I am happy to hear that it is not so difficult to grow when in good conditions. Where is it possible to read your article about this species ? I am very interrested. 

Best regards,



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