Reginae Moisture

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Abgeschickt von Michael Vaughn am 02 April, 2005 um 06:17:15

Antwort auf: Re: Final Observation von Sylvain Burgaud am 01 April, 2005 um 20:19:16:

Go with damp and avoid wet. Even though reginae in nature will grow in wet fens it find always grows in such a way so as it is not waterlogged, but it will likely be more forgiving of the occasional overwater than some of the more mesic species in cultivation. As for calceolus I suppose it would take similar conditions, but I've never attempted this species. I have heard it is a bit more demanding than it's US relative parviflorum, but again I can't comment aside from hearsay. As a beginner it might be wise to invest in "The Genus Cypripedium" by Philip Cribb. It is published by Timber Press and really is the current Bible of Cypripedium enthusiasts. In this book it mentions that calceolus tends to prefer dryer more mesic conditions. Search the forums for cultural information or even start a new thread to get some advice.

As for your reginae I don't think an occasional rainstorm will cause an overwatered situation. Provided that you don't end up with a week of constant rain, and should a torrential downpour occur it might be wise to protect the plant so heavy rains don't break the young stem. Aside from the extremes I wouldn't worry too much about it.

If you get an opportunity you might like to try out acaule (obtainable at fraser thimble farms and Planteck Nurseries). If you can get your hands on some pine duff this cyp is probably the easiest to grow. I'll probably get some cyp hate mail for that last statement since it typically seems labelled as one of the most difficult. But as long as it is kept in an acidic medium it is incredibly forgiving. Mine have thrived regardless of how much or how little water I have given them while growing in a pure organic medium without amendments. I wrote a long article on my growing observations of this cyp, and I'll probably be updating it soon with my fertilizing observations (I'll get a second hate mail for daring to suggest fertilizing acaule). But in the mean time good luck with that reginae and your upcoming calceolus, and watch out for those reginae leaves. In some people, myself included, they give a very nasty rash.



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