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Abgeschickt von Michael Vaughn am 23 Maerz, 2005 um 01:02:00

Antwort auf: Re: Next step von Sylvain Burgaud am 21 Maerz, 2005 um 10:46:58:

Hello again. I'm glad you were able to get some fungicide advice. You mix looks pretty good. The lack of any organics is a bit of concern since they tend to hold the moisture more stably and prevent wide swings in the wet and dry range. You're absolutely right that orchid bark will acidify over time since it is non composted. Mixes using non composted bark must be remade each year or two with new fresh bark. Without the organics you also run a greater risk of surface drying. Some growers add vermiculite to surpress this, but in high quantaties it can prove too water retentive. You're going to have to adjust your watering accordingly to make sure the right moisture environment is kept, but a think coating of orchid bark on the top as a mulch could serve to hold the moisture in the soil.

Other than that everything looks good. Your bare rooted Cyp didn't look too bad. I've had acaule in worse condition that I perked right back up giving them the growing conditions that made them happy. You reginae looks about the same size as mine is at the moment so don't expect any flowers this year. Maybe next year if it grows vigorously and is well fed. But don't be too disappointed. From my readings and experience Cyp species have a nasty habit of aborting their flowr buds when their growing conditions are drastically changed, which usually occurs the first year with a new grower. My montanum aborted its bud and my parviflorum which had two nice looking buds a couple weeks away from blooming seems like it's about to abort them too. But really a die hard grower probably would have disbudded the plants anyway so they put all their energy into roots and leaves right from the start. Anyway, good luck and happy growing.

P.S. In the open garden the mix that you transplanted out of would probably work well now that I've seen its structure. But the open ground is much more free draining than a pot. But keep that in mind if you ever get to the point of planting in the beds directly.


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