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Abgeschickt von Peter Corkhill am 17 Juni, 2000 um 21:16:22

Antwort auf: garden culture of North American Cyp species von Charles J. Sheviak am 16 Juni, 2000 um 15:27:04:

Dear Chuck

I read your detailed account with great interest. Thanks for making the effort to be so thorough and share your experiences. I do however have a couple of questions:-

Could you define what is meant by "muck" as this is not a term we are familiar with in the UK, even some soil scientists I asked were unsure. We do have a few calcareous fens and here the substrate is usually sedge peat which is more fibrous than sphagnum peat with a pH about neutral or slightly basic. It comprises 100% decomposed plant material but it looks pretty much like regular peat. There is another type of calcareous fen which is fed by basic ground water seepage usually from limestone and these may have a mineral soil. Finally, a few fen sites have developed by the infilling of shallow marl lakes and these have calcareous deposits formed by the deposition of calcium etc onto water plants which eventually became a mineralised layer not unlike a soft crumbly tufa. Muck here means just any kind of dirt, unless its cow muck which has quite definite origins.

Is there any organic matter in the fine dune sand you use on its own for C. kentuckiense cultivation? You don't mention using fertilizer at all so where does the plant get its nutrition?

Your cultivated plants look amazing - not a slug shredded leaf in sight.