Re: Dune Sand

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Abgeschickt von Michael Vaughn am 03 Maerz, 2005 um 21:48:51

Antwort auf: Dune Sand von Gerhard Stickroth am 18 Januar, 2005 um 12:51:56:

Acidic sand is silica based (quartz), alkaline sand contains an alkaline mineral of course. Silica sand mixed with pelletized lime of oyster shells would work fine for the calcium loving Cyps.

I'm using medium grade sand right now bought from a hardware store. It is grade number 50. It seems pretty course so I think it will do the job. Grade number 80 is the course, but I haven't been able to obtain that. Here's a helpful hint in finding some. Don't look in the garden section. Look in the masonry section with all the concrete mixes etc. Course builders sand is usually the stuff you're looking for. Never play sand though as it has the risks of salts.


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