Re: Cyp. Reginae & Ulla Silkens full sun?

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Abgeschickt von Ron Burch am 03 Maerz, 2005 um 12:39:39

Antwort auf: Cyp. Reginae & Ulla Silkens full sun? von Michael Vaughn am 01 Maerz, 2005 um 20:43:20:

I live in a very similar climate zone to yours, SW Connecticut, and used to live just outside Philadelphia, so I know that your temperatures are essentially identical to mine and you get just a bit more snow on average since you get the northern parts of passing Alberta clippers whereas they are off the coast by the time they reach me. I have several C reginae and Ulla Silkens that have been in full sun from about 11 AM to 4 PM during the hottest months. When they were planted five years ago (the reginae then, the Ulla Silkens later) they had considerable shade during that time of day but three years ago a large tree was lost. I have had to move the other Cyps that were there but these do extremely well, getting bigger every year and having additional flowers. The soil is naturally rather dry but the plants are in a bed that contains more than 50 % "rotted wood" from a large beech stump that was broken up at the time of planting. I always keep about 2 inches of mulch on the bed, chopped oak, beech, maple leaves, and the plants thrive. They are somewhat shorter than sister plants put in at the same time in another part of the garden that has considerably more shade but the sunny plants have far more flowers. The sunny plants grow about two feet tall and the shady plants are nearly three feet tall, and have leaves that are darker green in color. The flowers are identical in appearance in the two groups but there are markedly more of them in the sun.


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