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Abgeschickt von Wim Geraedts am 26 Februar, 2005 um 21:35:11

Antwort auf: Dune Sand von Gerhard Stickroth am 18 Januar, 2005 um 12:51:56:

Hi there,

Just read your discussion about "dune sand". A very interesting one. In Holland we use the words "inland sand dunes" for a total different kind of soil. That are in our vocabulary eroded heather vegetations which form huge dunes (several ten thousand hectares in the old days). Today only some two thousand hectares are left. This sand lacks any calcium or magnesium and reactc very acidic. Mix "D" of  Phillip Cribb therefore was pussling me for quite a while because a mix of our dune sand and fen soil would react very acidic.

Thanks to your discussion this question has been solved. These so called inland sand dunes are related to rivers (in Holland called "river dunes"). This material is much more alcaline. I will try that kind of sand for my plants instead.

Thanks a lot, you folks helped my a lot.



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