Re: Cyp. reginae - best mix for planting out?

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Abgeschickt von Paul Perakos am 25 Februar, 2005 um 06:02:09

Antwort auf: Cyp. reginae - best mix for planting out? von Jonathan Tyler am 25 Februar, 2005 um 05:58:53:


You don't want to plant it so close that when the pond rises the roots are submerged or it will rot and die quickly. Make sure it's planted in an area that will never be covered by water, receives 2 - 3 hours of sun, has good air circulation. I don't know how big your plant is, but reginae needs good drainage. Dig a hole at least 12 inches deep and fill 8 inches of it with small rocks/gravel for drainage. I think 18 inches wide would do as well.

As far as the soil medium, 20% seramis, 20% perlite, 10% sand, 10% pumice, 20% tropical orchid bark ships, and 20% topsoil/garden soil. Mix in some crushed limestone as well. Plant some ferns around it, too and some large rocks as reginae likes to end its roots up to the surface under rocks.

Good Luck!



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