Cyp. reginae - best mix for planting out?

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Abgeschickt von Jonathan Tyler am 25 Februar, 2005 um 05:58:53

I hope to soon go about planting out C. reginae by a pond in the south-east UK. The pond is butyl-lined, so will only overflow during the heaviest rains. The substrate is chalky boulder-clay. How deep and wide should the hole be, and what would be the most suitable mix? I currently have 3-5mm pumice, some Seramis, ericaceous compost, composted manure, gravel, and topsoil originating from this garden. Any helpful suggestions to guide me through the maze of info on this subject will be hugely appreciated; the person who suggests the medium that results in a robust flowering plant in a couple of years can choose a print from my website.




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