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Abgeschickt von Paul Perakos am 20 Februar, 2005 um 20:09:31

Antwort auf: How is this blend for calcium loving Cyps? von Michael Vaughn am 20 Februar, 2005 um 08:25:39:


Are you planting outside or in a pot? You weren't very clear and when you mentioned the refrigerated montanum, I am assuming you're growing in pots.

If you're planting outside, for parviflorum don't use pine duff, it's too acid. You can plant parvi in a mix of high quality potting soil, sand, tropical orchid mix, perlite, and woodland soil. No need to add lime.

For reginae outside, I have used the same with some crushed lime stone.

For montanum, I have killed everyone I ever bought so I best not say a word.

Good Luck!



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