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Abgeschickt von Darcy Gunnlaugson am 11 Juni, 2000 um 19:18:27

Antwort auf: culture of C.passerinum von Michael Weinert am 11 Juni, 2000 um 19:13:45:

Hi Michael;

C. passerinum does excellent in cold climates and performs very well for even a novice in such situations. It lives where winter temperatures are very cold and where summer starts late and gets hot. When moved to milder climates, even experts have trouble growing it.

All that being said, it is very important to get a healthy plant and apparently they transport poorly and many complain of rot at the receiving end where senders say they were sent in perfect health.

My experience here has been all of the above and only recently I discovered that it starts to do very well if I plant in a medium with a cool root zone and foliage in sun. This is very difficult, but a medium with much peat in it and kept damp and which has an overburden of moss to protect from overheating from sun is working well. I grow everything outside in beds in a forest setting and have found that insuring the cool root zone, with foliage in sunlight is having very good effects this year. With one plant, a piece of rotted wood and deep moss protected cool roots and it has bloomed, whereas before it never bloomed. They are not too pretty and look a bit like wardii on a scale 2-3 times larger.

I hope this helps. Mild climates are difficult to grow them in, so keeping the roots cool is what is required to get bloom. I suspect cold winters set the flower buds so this cool root zone approximates it. A sphagnum bog may also be ideal. Another difficult one is guttatum for the same reason I think. I tried it in the bog this year and it seems to recovering.