How is this blend for calcium loving cyps?

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Abgeschickt von Michael Vaughn am 20 Februar, 2005 um 08:25:39

Most of my experience and success has centered around acid loving hardy orchids since I first started growing Cyp. acaule. Unfortunately now my brain is a bit bias in the creation of soil mediums, and the acid blends don't seem to transfer over well to the calcium loving Cyps even if I add a bit of lime. So this year I tried something a bit different and wanted to see what others thought.

My new mix for parviflorum and reginae is:

2 parts silica sand from lowes grade #50
1 part pine duff, sifted to remove the fine particles
several teaspoons of lime.

For montanum:

1 part silica sand #50
1 part aquatic soil from lowes *seems to be an absorbant clay based material
1 part sifted pine soil
several teaspoons of lime

Overtop all theses orchids I put about a 1 cm of pine duff to help maintain moisture and prevent surface drying.

One an interesting note the montanum broke dormancy in only two days after removing from the fridge. The fresh green pushed beyond the protective winter sheath in that short amount of time.

Please feel free to give me your feedback

Michael Vaughn


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