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Abgeschickt von Michael Vaughn am 08 Februar, 2005 um 07:42:22

Antwort auf: Aluminum sulfate von Bonaventure Magrys am 08 Januar, 2005 um 16:38:41:

I would avoid applications of alumininum sulfate around acaule or any other plant for that matter. Aluminum is actually a plant toxin although some experts see it as a trace element. Regardless if it is needed it is only needed in very small amounts, and under highly acidic conditions it becomes increasingly available further increasing overdosing issues. If you really want to grow acaule well start out with an acidic medium such as woodland pine duff and water with diluted cidar or wine vinegar to a rate of one or two ounces per gallon of distilled water. Emphasis on distilled water as it must remain mineral free. I wrote a lengthy forum post on its cultivation and I believe Dr. Neptune has also posted cultivation advice.
So definately no aluminum sulfate for your acaule and for any of your other plants that are acid loving I would suggest iron sulfate which has the same benefits as aluminum sulfate without the toxicity risks. In my experience and readings aluminum sulfate really only has a use with hydrangeas that specifically use aluminum to create the blue floral pigmentation.

Good luck and happy cyp growing,

Michael Vaughn


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