Re: Cypripedium seeds?

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Abgeschickt von Ross Kouzes am 28 Januar, 2005 um 04:58:58

Antwort auf: Cypripedium seeds? von Tim Jackson am 27 Januar, 2005 um 20:05:11:

Hi Tim,

"Where can one find sources..."
The Orchid Seedbank Project stocks quite a few cyp species of many origins. Check them out @

"Is it ethical to harvest one or two seed pods from healthy populations for propagation in order to eventually sell them in the local market?"
I don't believe so. I do think that if you are harvesting them for research purposes and are proficient in conducting such research, then perhaps.

Despite our opinions, this is a legal matter and you'll have to refer to the local law. For instance, here in Oregon, you are allowed to collect "Berries for personal use" from Mt Hood National Forest. Does a Cypripedium capsule count as a berry? Technically it is one (I think!?), but I have yet to clarify if the law thinks it counts.

Check with your local Ranger district or equivalent.




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