Re: Cypripedium acaule leaf disease (help needed)

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Abgeschickt von Hideka Kobayashi am 11 Juni, 2000 um 10:06:12

Antwort auf: Re: Cypripedium acaule leaf disease (help needed) von Michael Weinert am 10 Juni, 2000 um 17:15:39:

From what you have described, it is difficult to diagnose. I seriously suggest you send the sample to a local plant disease diagnostic lab, or contact your local extension services if you are in US. I often say this, but nobody seems to care enough. It might be expensive, but in the end you would save more money by knowing what to do. Spraying chemicals without identifying disease is rather pointless if not careless. Besides, many fungicides are preventitive instead of curative. The disease does sound fungal, but cannot rule out the possibility of bacterial disease. I would cut a few inches apart from the disease lesions. Copper based fungicide/bactericide such as Kocide *might* work, but again, I cannot guarantee.