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Abgeschickt von Richard Fraser am 20 Januar, 2005 um 18:42:41

Antwort auf: Cyp manchuricum / x ventricosum von Jan Bedgen am 16 Januar, 2005 um 12:14:20:

I found this in publication of 'New Orchid Hybrids', March - May 2003 Registrations, supplied by the Royal Horticultural Society as International Cultivar Registration Authority for Orchid Hybrids:

"Plants in cultivation under the name Cyp. manchuricum 'Alba' have been used in breeding programs. However, the name Cyp. manchuricum Stapf is a synonym of Cyp. ventricosum Sw., the natural hybrid between Cyp. calceolus and Cyp. macranthos. Cribb (The genus Cypripedium 1999: 272-273) reports that natural hybrids between these two species are common in far eastern Russia and that plants apparently representing back-crosses to either parent have been observed. These include plants with white flowers similar to Cyp. manchuricum var. virescens Stapf. In order to provide a valid name for cultivated plants the following combination is proposed. Cyp. ventricosum nothovar. virescens (Stapf) J.M.H.Shaw comb. nov. Basionym: Cyp. manchuricum Stapf var. virescens Stapf in Bot. Mag. 152: t.9117 (1927), syn. Cyp. manchuricum 'Alba'.

Due to the interest in breeding Cypripedium and the variability of some species, there has been a reassessment of the taxa treated as synonyms. In order to allow greater precision and flexibility of naming several horticulturally important taxa below the rank of species will be accepted as grex parents in Cyp. macranthos."


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