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Abgeschickt von Holger Perner am 20 Januar, 2005 um 13:19:20

Antwort auf: Cyp manchuricum / ventricosum von Jan Bedgen am 16 Januar, 2005 um 12:14:20:

The natural hybrid between Cypripedium calceolus and Cyp. macranthos is called Cypripedium x ventricosum and the horticultural remake has the same Name but in different spelling: Cypripedium Ventricosum. By the way it makes no difference for the name of the hybrid whether Cyp. calceolus or Cyp. macranthos are the pollen parent resp. seed parent. Originally ventricosum was thought to be a species of its own and in 1800 the Swedish botanist Olof Swartz described both, Cypripedium macranthos and Cyp. x ventricosum from specimens collected at the same locality in western Siberia. Much later the true identity of Cyp. x ventricosum was discovered and since than it is known as a natural hybrid. Still though its description by Swartz is valid, it does not matter whether he described it as species or natural hybrid. All later names (publication dates in brackets) given to plants of the same cross are hybrids: Cyp. freynii (1896), Cyp. x barbeyi (1908), Cyp. krylowii (1926), Cyp. manchuricum (1927), Cyp. kesselringii (1940) and Cyp. rubronerve (2000). Recently some more Cypripedium species which most likely will turn out to be also just synonyms of Cyp. x ventricosum where published in the Flora of Korea, but I haven’t seen the publication yet by myself to be sure about this.

Since several years it is well known that Cyp. x ventricosum is the hybrid of Cyp. calceolus and Cyp. macranthos and the other names listed above are just synonyms of that one natural hybrid. So why do they still appear side by side in sales lists of certain dealers? Well, I can only guess: How many plants would a Cypripedium fan buy if the sales list only offers Cyp. x ventricosum? And how many if for example Cyp. manchuricum, Cyp. barbeyi and Cyp. rubronerve are also listed?

Holger Perner


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