Cypripedium acaule leaf disease (help needed)

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Abgeschickt von Paul P. Perakos am 10 Juni, 2000 um 00:03:59

I need some help with my Pink Lady's Slippers, Cypripedium acaule. The plants are being destroyed by a disease which is attacking their leaves (see picture). To describe the problem, the infection starts where there are any creases in the leaves. It appears as a dark brown discoloration that goes through both sides of the leaves. The leaf feels rotten where the discoloration appears. It starts out very small, no more than a quarter inch. Even after the infected area is cut, the disease spreads on the leaves. It spreads vertically down the creases in the leaves and then spreads side ways until the leaf is totally dark brown and rotten.

It has been very wet and damp in Connecticut this Spring. Could this be a fungus infection?

I am about to lose all my acaules and am very upset!