Re: Natural pollination

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Abgeschickt von Camiel F. de Jong am 25 November, 2004 um 22:08:06

Antwort auf: Why reginae hybrids look like pure reginae von Lukas Hunziker am 05 November, 2004 um 22:34:29:

There has been some discussion about hybrids and the supposed dominance of Cyp. reginae, whereas I hold the view that it's not a question of dominance but the occurence of natural pollinators. Going over the files of my crashed harddisk that have been rescued recently I found some pictures. The quality of the first picture is not very well. My old digital camera had other ideas about focussing then I did.

In the picture below you see a bumblebee entering the pouch of a C. flavum "alba" flower through its central opening (panel A). In panel B it is inside the pouch just visiblethrough the central opening as a brown dot. In panel C the bumble bee is struggling to get out of one of the rear openings at the back of the pouch and squeezing itself past the pollinia. In panel D the insect has freed itself, pollen loaded, ready for take off.

How the loading of pollen occurs is clearly visible in the next picture of a white ventricosum flower. The insect squeezes itself through one of the rear openings. It is clearly visible with what force the pollinia are rubbed on the back of the bumble bee. Pictures were taken by me at a friend's place at different occasions.



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