Re: Why reginae hybrids look like pure reginae

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Abgeschickt von Lukas Hunziker am 20 November, 2004 um 19:45:36

Antwort auf: Re: Why reginae hybrids look like pure reginae von Trevor Dines am 19 November, 2004 um 12:20:23:

Dear Trevor,

Well, you see in the reginae hybrids, that everything of Cyp. reginae is dominant like the habit, flower and even the culture is really like a true reginae. So we can say, Cyp. reginae is ultimate dominant. But I can't say how recessive acaule is. There are Cyps that have more recessive alleles than others. But if I compare Cyp. 'Prof. Karl Robatsch' with Cyp. x herae then you see that Cyp. pubescens influences the flower coloration. But in the case of Cyp. 'Prof.Karl Robatsch' you can't see a big influence. So I think there must be recessive and more recessive Cyps.
There are many alleles which "construct" a whole plant. You have some for the flower, habit, root system, coloration, etc. So most of these alleles are dominat in case you cross a reginae with an other species. But the whole system with the genes is so complex, that there must be less important alleles that make the small difference to a true reginae. You can't see them strongly, but they exist. That's why you have a bit different flower coloration, or the flower size. In conclusion I can say the important alleles which give the plant their look are mostly "controlled" by reginae. But the less important alleles for the final looking and physiology can be influenced by the other crossing parent.

What I want to say at last is that this imformations are not scientifically proofed. It is a personal interpretation of the facts discoverd by Mendel (a Austrian monk) applied on Cypripedium.

Yours sincerely



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