Re: Why reginae hybrids look like pure reginae

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Abgeschickt von Trevor Dines am 19 November, 2004 um 12:20:23

Antwort auf: Why reginae hybrids look like pure reginae von Lukas Hunziker am 05 November, 2004 um 22:34:29:

Dear Lukas,

Many thanks indeed for such a complete and detailed explanation of this phenomenon. One question though, if I may. If it is down to simple the Mendelian genetics of dominant vs recessive genes, this implies that all the genes in C. reginae are dominant to all those in C. acaule. Is this so? Is it not unusual to have an entire genotype (that C. acaule) being recessive to another (that of C. reginae)? I would have thought that the expression of a C. reginae flower would be down to a complex suite of alleles. Or is it down to some sort "control" alleles that ultimately switch "on" or "off" the type of flower produced?

All the best,

Trevor Dines


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