Re: Cyp. fargesii - any tips?

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Abgeschickt von Uta von Rad am 14 November, 2004 um 18:44:47

Antwort auf: Cyp. fargesii - any tips? von Jonathan P Tyler am 14 November, 2004 um 17:06:08:

Hi Jonathan,

You have received one of the more difficult species there... I would say growing fargesii outside in the UK is almost impossible. A cold frame might do it but I am not too optimistic... But as you already have the plant I would advice the following things: Your medium ingrediants reduce the organic matter (bark and leavemould) to 10% of the whole mix and don't let any organic matter touch the rhizome directly. There are enough organics washed down to the roots to keep them happy. Then keep the plant potted and see that it does not really freeze. I keep my plants at around 2°C in a dry coolroom in winter. That is optimal but if you can't do that a refrigerator should be best. If you place the plant in a cold frame see that it stays as dry as possible: The spotted leaved species usually die from to much moisture in winter. Do not freeze the plant though!!!! That will certainly kill it.

Best of luck!



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