Re: Observations in Growing Cyp acaule (lengthy)

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Abgeschickt von Wilford Neptune am 22 Oktober, 2004 um 01:52:43

Antwort auf: Observations in Growing Cyp acaule (lengthy) von Michael Vaughn am 22 Oktober, 2004 um 00:12:57:

I have been growing 12 different cyps in pot culture for the past 12 years. I have called success, being able to grow and flower the plants for at least three years.
Ten of these are in a woodland mix:
Start with three gals of wood soil. This is from the top two inches of soil in a mixed forest, mostly white pine. This is hand rubbed through a 1/4 in wire screen. The result is a light, fluffy, fairly fine soil which does not compact, even when wet. To this is added 8 cups of fine peat moss, for water retention; 8 cups of fine and 4 cups of med perlite, for aeration; and 1/2 cup of oyster shell and 1/4 cup of pelletized lime to buffer the mix to a pH of 7.2-7.4. The pot has one inch of drainage using marble chips. In contrast to most orchids, the cyps need a generous size pot, and for a one growth plant I start with a two gal pot.
Of this group I have received AOS awards on formosanum (culture); pubescens (CHM); parviflorum (CHM); kentuckiense (CHM, and AM); henryi (CBR); and Gisela (AD). These all grow in an alkaline environment, and are watered with RO water to keep them moist; and fed with 1/4 strength fish meal and seaweed every week until August.
Cyp acaule (both the colored and the alba form) is potted in screened duff, and is acidic to start, and watered to keep moist with RO water which is acidified with cider vinegar to a pH of 3-3.5, which in my experience needs about one ounce/gal. If the pH of the environment rises abouve 5, the plant will die over the course of 3 years. I have not fertilized this species, as they survive on nutritive poor soil.
All of these receive their cold dormancy in a refrigerator at 35-40F for a min of 12 weeks.

Ludisia (cultural award) and Blettila have done well in Promix with added Perlite.

Spiranthes odorata (cultural award) has done well in the woodland mix (grows in full sun).


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