Re: acaule doing well but formosanum dying

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Abgeschickt von Uta von Rad am 14 Oktober, 2004 um 16:10:12

Antwort auf: Re: acaule doing well but formosanum dying von Michael Vaughn am 13 Oktober, 2004 um 18:11:00:

Well I use pine bark and a bit of leavemould but also a bit of firr duff. But all in all I use only about 20-30% of organic matter in the medium. The rest is pumice, broken brick, perlite, lava... whatever is welldrainig and at the same time keeping the soil from drying out. For most other Cyps I use even less organics: usually about 10%. the substrate is on a layer of 20cm good drainage in my case mostly broken pieces of limestone or brick). Actually I found formosanum likes more organics than most others do. but acaule needs a completley different treatment than all others. I keep mine in 50% peat and 50% quartz sand. So it is dificult to compare it to the others... I am not sure cocnut chips are suitable for opening up the soil: they are also organic matter! Go for inorganic matter and for non acaule I would advice to stay away from anything that contains peat. It just keeps to much moisture ;-)

Best of luck!!!



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