acaule doing well but formosanum dying

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Abgeschickt von Michael Vaughn am 12 Oktober, 2004 um 09:29:50

I have several acaule that I have growing as profusely as weeds in sifted white pine duff. However all my attempts with formosanum have been failing. It will start to make new root buds but they quickly rot off. I even attempted to ammend the pine soil with perlite to open it up but still no luck. I find it vexing that I can easily grow one of the most difficult species with little effort but am having the easiest species give me so much trouble. I've even tried to grow formosanum in a mix of coconut husk chips and diatomite, but that doesn't seem water retentive enough. Any tips from anyone on how to grow this presumably easy species?

Michael Vaughn


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