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Abgeschickt von Camiel F. de Jong am 22 September, 2004 um 09:55:07:

Antwort auf: Seedlings deflasking von Nikolaus Löffelhardt am 21 September, 2004 um 17:02:53:

Hi Nikolaus,

When my seedlings are ready to deflask I remove them from the agar, put them in a sieve and rinse them clean with cold water using the shower. I put the seedlings then in Ziplock bags with a few drops of water and write down the number and name. I then put them in a clean polystyrene box with a well closing lid. This type of boxes is used to ship stuff that must be kept cool at all times. You may ask people who work in a lab or perhaps people in restaurants.

I then put the box with the bags in the fridge for three months and check regularly for developing molds. The box is essential as it dampens off the temperature variations within the fridge. These variations result in condensation of water on the surface of the bags and drying out of the seedlings inside the bags. Consequently, parts of seedlings die by drying out. When the dead parts get wet again molds start growing potentially killing all seedlings.

Infected seedlings must be removed. However, using this method hardly any infections occur when you work cleanly. After receiving their three month cold period the seedlings can be planted out in a frost free place, preferably end of February-March-early April (this holds for The Netherlands).

I plan to write an article about deflasking Cyps and post it here like the article about artificial pollination of Cyps.

Good luck,



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