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Abgeschickt von Peter Corkhill am 28 Mai, 2000 um 08:36:53

Antwort auf: proliferation of Cypripedium in vitro von Jim Walla am 22 Mai, 2000 um 04:03:30:

: I want to try in vitro proliferation of Cypripedium species.

I have read two papers that you may find of interest regarding this subject:-

"Plant Regeneration from Immature Seed-Derived Callus of Cypripedium macranthos" by Masanori Tomita and Mina Tomita - Faculty of Agriculture, Hirosaki University, Hirosaki 036, Japan, reprinted from Breeding Science Vol 47 No 3 (1997). There is an e-mail address but this may not be current:-

Propagation and Conservation of Native Lady's Slipper Orchids by Chin-Chang Chu and Kenneth Mudge - Dept of Floriculture and Ornamental Horticulture, Cornell University, Ithica, New York, USA. This paper describes asexual propagation of C. acaule and was published in North American Native Terrestrial Orchids, Propagation and Production, Conference Proceedings March 16 & 17, 1996.

Do let us know how you get on. If you are in the UK I could possibly help you get some callus material of C. calceolus.

Cheers, Peter