Re: Growing cyps in Hawaii

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Abgeschickt von Camiel F. de Jong am 03 September, 2004 um 15:14:54:

Antwort auf: Re: Growing cyps in Hawaii von Holger Perner am 03 September, 2004 um 02:39:46:

Dear Holger,

It doesn't happen very often, but on this issue I don't agree with you. Of course it is technically possible to grow Cyps in the tropics. In my view the comparison of growing tropical orchids in temperate zones and growing temperate orchids in tropical zones is not a fair one.

A greenhouse in a temperate zone can be build at fairly low cost (3000 euros I should say) and only has to be heated during winter. During that period lamps supply additional light and with that also contribute to heating. As you mentioned yourself, when one would like to grow Cyps in the tropics a well-regulated climate room is required which in itself is quite an investment (40.000 euros is a fair estimate). It has to be constantly cooled from the tropical heat and additionally from the heat generated by the installed lights. Cooling is a much more energy-consuming process as compared to heating. It is even more costly because it requires electricity. Consequently, besides the high initial investments also energy costs will be much higher as compared to growing tropical orchids in temperate zones. Ignoring the costs there's also the environmental issue of energy consumption. So why would one grow Cyps in the tropics when Paphiopedilum sanderianum can be grown in the garden? I stopped growing Paphs as it costed too much energy and started to grow Cyps instead. Anyway, that's only my opinion and perhaps David will start growing Cyps at Hawaï.




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